The prosperous economic life of Czech


The Czech uniqueness as a Language

It has been known that throughout the history Czech language was being influenced by the German spoken people as being shown in the geographical names. Their official language being used in their place is Czech which falls within the West Slavic language group and thus, it is quiet similar to polish, as well as Russian and Croatian. The typical feature of the Czech language is with the use of diacritics - small hooks (carons) and acute accents (dashes) written above the letters. These symbols indicate pronunciation and simplify spelling. They were not always used in the Czech language. Although the Czech Republic is a relatively small country, there are several considerably different dialects. So you may quite easily witness a situation when two confused Czechs will not understand what people from around Olomouc are saying to them. The Czech language is indeed one of the complicated language with the used of different symbols and forms that is being uniquely created by their ancestors.

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