The prosperous economic life of Czech


The Czech Constitution and its form of government

The Czech Republic has a form of government that is democratic, based on a bicameral parliamentary democracy and the free association of political parties. As part of their constitution, human and civil rights are guaranteed by the Bill of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms. The constitution of the Czech Republic was adopted by the Czech legislature in December of 1992 that is mandated by the parliament that is composed of a member of the senate with a total of 81 members who are elected for six-year terms, and a Chamber of Deputies or lower house with the total of 200 members who are elected for four-year terms. As being stated in their constitution and laws every two years, one third of the Senate's seats come up for re-election. A resolution by parliament is passed by a clear majority, while a constitutional bill or an international treaty must be passed by at least a 60% majority.

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