The prosperous economic life of Czech


One of the most industrialized country

The Czech agriculture, industry and commerce had a great influence and build a good foundation in providing the livelihood of their people with an increase in labour and employment to the place. They were more favoured to the traditional export in their industry such as food processing. They also have a good production of capital goods and glass, increases in the metalworking industry, wood products, paper, textiles, clothing, shoes, and leather goods. But after the pre-world war II export trade and have figured about making a consumer goods such as the world-famous pilsner beer, ham, and sugar, but machinery was predominant under the communist regime. On the other hand both the Czech and Slovak still ranks among the World’s most industrialized countries. This country is one of the particularly strong when it comes to the engineering side. The Czech Republic in 2001 was receiving the highest foreign direct investment in the region, which was devoted to restructuring industrial companies. And with that they were able to achieve and earned a lot of opportunities as well as contributed greatly to the economic life of the people.

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