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Dear Charisma Reader:

Do you love Charisma? Is life in the Spirit important to you? Do you support the kind of Christian journalism we’ve done for the past 43 years? If your answer is yes, then I want to invite you to become a charter Charisma Partner.

Things were very different in the world when I founded this magazine in 1975. Technology continues to transform our culture in many ways. The internet has changed everything, especially publishing. And yet, readers say they still love reading the magazine in print, plus millions a month read us online. Everywhere I go, people come up to me and say they love Charisma.

So we are changing. We are going to take less print advertising to give you more articles on Spirit-led living, plus much more online, which is available at no cost. To cope with the high cost of providing content, plus the high cost of printing and postage, we are reaching out to our faithful readers and asking them to partner with us, even though there is no tax deduction.

If every reader gave a few dollars, it would help. Your support, regardless of amount, will help Charisma stay strong for many years to report life in the Spirit.

Will you become a Charisma Partner and help us keep leading people through life in the Spirit?


Stephen Strang
Founder, Charisma magazine


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